Customer Service

Customer Service

Residential Client Manager

We recognise that expectations of customers are changing and there is a greater need for focused customer service. Customers have access to an increasing number of information sources and expect their builders to include them in the process of building what will probably be the most expensive purchases in their life. Customers expect information, communication, quality, efficient programming and managed costs.

When you build with Ruiz Constructions you will be assigned a Residential Client Manager (RCM). This person will provide you positive, pro-active guidance and leadership. Your RCM will be your constant point of contact throughout the building process. The RCM will guide you through each step of the process until completion and will always be available should you have any query related to the building of your new home.

Your RCM will guide you through your selections and all other decision making, keep you informed of the progress of your home on a weekly basis and arrange regular site inspections.

Most importantly, we recognise the value of every person. With our consistent level of dedicated customer service, enthusiastic approach, professionalism and depth of experience, Ruiz Constructions will give you value for money, quality workmanship, honesty and reliability.